Why To Go For Cross Platform Over Native App Development?

Cross Platform

May 30, 2020

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Today we will discover why most app developers and companies prefer cross platform app development compared to native. But before comparing anything, we first need to identify what it is.

Both technologies are constantly improving their framework, coding methods, and UI libraries. That's why sometimes developers confuse choosing between one of them.

What is a Cross Platform App?

It is an application developed to make it compatible with different mobile platforms. There are plenty of frameworks available to ease the development process.

Some of them are Ionic, Xamarin, Flutter, and React Native. With the help of these platforms it is easier for app developers to develop such applications.

What is Native App?

A native application is developed exclusively for a specific platform. In these types of apps, only a single platform's guidelines and functionalities are kept in mind.

Both have their pros and cons.

So why do developers prefer cross-platform over native?

I have divided your answer into six easy to digest points.

Let's take a deep dive into it.

  • 1. Cross platform apps compatible with multiple platforms. Hence such applications receive a wider audience range within the same cost of development. Hence, it gives much higher ROI and brand awareness. Some popular examples of cross platform apps are Uber, Bloomberg, Facebook ads, and Walmart.
  • 2. As these apps are developed for multi-platform it has drastically less development time. It combines some common processes to make this possible. Because coding and scripting is reusable, less time required for bug fixing and testing. Native apps need to be built separately for each platform. For iOS you need to build with Objective-C or swift and Java for Android.
  • 3. It requires less time to implement and make changes to code. This not only reduces development time but also gives more flexibility to sync updates. Contrarily, native apps need to change and implement code separately for each platform. That's why its development time is much higher.
  • 4. It gives thematic and seamless experience to users. It gives the same look and feel across all devices. Hence app giants like Uber and Facebook like to go with it for unmatched user experience. You can use the same color, interface, and UX across every platform effortlessly.
    Maintaining brand guidelines is difficult for native application across every platform. Because you need to develop front-end separately for native one.
  • 5. Reusable code, less bug fixing time, and flexible UI makes cross-platform app pocket friendly. Instead of making two or three different versions of your app, you only need to build a single version.
  • 6. Tech giants are putting more weight on cross platform apps. So, there is ease of availability of cross-platform development resources. More frameworks are available compared to native app development.

Most startups now prefer cross platform apps because of its flexibility, cost effectiveness, wider reach to people, and uniqueness of user experience.

Hope you got the better idea!!

Whether you are a startup, developer or enterprise, cross-platform is always the most suitable and affordable one.

Still have a question in mind?

Feel free to comment below.

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