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Discover NSDBytes' flexible engagement models crafted for success through collaboration. We customize solutions to match your unique needs, ensuring a partnership that aligns with your goals. Select an engagement model that fits your project requirements.

Team Configuration

Construct Your Optimal Team Configuration with NSDBytes

A robust Engagement Model outlines the agreed-upon understanding between the client and the outsourcing provider for efficient utilization of company resources. It also structures control and responsibilities, serving as the groundwork for ongoing and collaborative developmental relationships.

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Scrum Model

Agile Methodology

Work is organized into fixed-length sprints, allowing for continuous feedback and adaptability. Together, this combination allows you to have control over project costs while embracing an Agile approach to development, ensuring that your project remains adaptable and aligned with your evolving needs.

  • Formation of a self-organizing and cross-functional team comprising expert professionals.
  • Optimization of creative, flexible, and productive processes for enhanced software engineering outcomes.
  • Leadership by a seasoned Scrum Master with proficiency in guiding the Scrum framework.
  • Adoption of an incremental development methodology to elicit a comprehensive range of feedback.
  • Rigorous commitment to ensuring complete ownership and confidentiality throughout the development process.
  • Execution of collaborative sprints resulting in the delivery of feature-rich, functionally robust software.
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Project based Model

Fixed Price Model

Employing the Project-based Model involves efficient access to a versatile mobile workforce, strategically aligned to fulfill the unique objectives of your project. Through meticulous consideration of customer specifications, resource requirements, and budgetary constraints, clear expectations are established for both parties from the project's outset.

  • Tailored Team Composition: Crafting a team aligned with the client's budget constraints rather than a dedicated team, ensuring optimal resource utilization.
  • Remote Workforce Efficiency: Leveraging dedicated developers or teams operating remotely from a state-of-the-art infrastructure to optimize operational costs.
  • Strategic Project Oversight: A designated Project Manager oversees the entire process, acting as a crucial link between you and the project for effective communication and progress monitoring.
  • Iterative Progressive Development: Breaking down the project into progressive segments facilitates continuous development, accommodating evolving requirements without employing Scrum methodologies.
  • Methodical Waterfall Approach: Adopting a Waterfall model instead of Scrum methodologies, ensuring a structured and sequential project management approach.
  • Timely Delivery Assurance: Employing strategic planning and execution to guarantee project delivery within the estimated timeframe, fostering adaptability and responsiveness throughout the development lifecycle.
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Cloud Employee

Dedicated Development Team

Elevate your project's success with our Dedicated Development Team model, featuring an innovative hourly bucket payment system for transparent cost tracking. Leveraging the agile methodology, we navigate the project landscape with adaptability at its core. Our commitment extends to selecting top-tier developers tailored to match your technology needs. Led by experienced project managers, we ensure real-time tracking, validation, and seamless client involvement, shaping the product precisely according to your vision.

  • Hourly Payment Bucket: Transparent and cost-effective project tracking through an hourly payment structure.
  • Agile Methodology: Agile approach ensures adaptability and responsiveness throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Top-tier Developers: Selection of experienced developers tailored to meet client-specific technology requirements.
  • Experienced Project Managers: Skilled project managers lead the process, ensuring real-time tracking and validation.
  • Client-Centric Development: Clients actively shape the product, fostering a dynamic and collaborative development.
Offshore Development

Strategic Offshore Development Solutions

Unlock the potential of Offshore and Nearshore Development tailored for technical endeavors. Whether you opt for a dedicated developer or assemble a proficient team, our solutions empower your project with precision. Operating seamlessly in your time zones on hourly rates, these options not only streamline costs but also grant access to top-tier technical talent for superior project outcomes.

  • Empower Productivity: Exercise complete control over the selection and working dynamics of your developers to enhance productivity.
  • Budget-Friendly: Pay only for the resources you utilize, ensuring you stay within your budget constraints.
  • Scalable Teams: Effortlessly scale up or down your team as per your project requirements.
  • Robust Security Measures: Rest assured with top-notch security protocols and retain complete ownership of your code throughout the development lifecycle.
  • Tailored Technical Solutions: Access user-friendly, bespoke, and high-performing software solutions meticulously crafted to align with your technical requirements.
Bespoke Developed

Bespoke Applications Developed for Predefined Scopes

Our expertise caters to organizations with budget constraints, needing specific software or large enterprises seeking project-centric solutions. Count on us for sophisticated, precise, large-scale digital solutions. Specializing in custom, enterprise-grade projects, we ensure your goals are met.

  • Project Management with JIRA

    Boost large-scale project organization with our Agile team and JIRA. Adapt to diverse Agile methods effortlessly, ensuring a secure, flexible, and convenient environment for swift modifications throughout development.

  • Enhancing Efficiency with Kanban Board

    Maximizing the utility of the JIRA Kanban Board, we empower your projects with robust DevOps and Agility. This tool facilitates transparent workflow visualization, expands team capacity, and optimizes overall productivity, ensuring streamlined and efficient project management.

  • Configuration and Versioning Management

    Ensuring optimal configuration management is achieved through seamless collaboration, featuring the easy sharing of blueprints, workflows, tasks and approvals, complemented by GIThub or GITlab and contemporary Subversion practices.

  • Next-Gen Software Testing Tools

    Enhance your end product's performance using top-tier testing tools. Leveraging Selenium, we fine-tune web app functionalities. Our expertise spans Hybrid, Native, and mobile app testing with Appium for superior quality assurance.

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