How To Calculate Game Development Cost?

Game Development

May 27, 2020

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Game development is not as easy as playing games. When it comes to calculating the cost of game development it becomes more confusing and challenging.

Today I am going to show how you can calculate the cost of game development accurately.

Your development cost solely depends upon functionality of game, graphics, characters, user interface, and type of game.

Every app development estimate involves three phases: Pre Development cost, Developing cost, and Post Development cost.

Let's check each phase step by step.

1. Pre Development Cost

  • We can't start developing games just after drinking morning tea. It takes planning, brainstorming, strategy, design, game art, conceptualization, and prototyping.
  • Pre-development phase builds the foundation of the game. It must be carried out with utmost importance.
  • It starts from why, what, and how.
  • Why is this game different?
  • How will your game be completed within the deadline?
  • What factors need to be considered?
  • Each step takes time, effort, and resources.
  • We need to identify the minimum and maximum bar. Qualitative efforts in pre pre-development stage are crucial for success. Foundation of your game must be strong enough to encounter future major problems.

2. Developing Cost

  • This is an important and lengthiest phase. In this step, your concept is handcrafted with a blend of skills and latest technologies.
  • Programming, scripting, building assets, character creation, animation, voice and music assignment, and other important tasks are carried out in the production phase.
  • Tools, softwares, time duration, and other miscellaneous costs are also included in development.
  • It takes most of your cost of overall game development.
  • You need to estimate time and effort based on competitor's analysis and your experience.
  • We must take production of the game precisely to avoid flaws and errors.

3. Post Development Cost

  • After successful development, team members are assigned to do maintenance, testing, and bug fixing.
  • It is directly connected to the quality of development phase. The more you are accurate in development, the lesser the cost of bug fixing will be.
  • We need to keep in mind that maintenance is a continual cost of game. Server resources, size of game, and updates are affecting factors.
  • Only game development and deployment are not enough for better ROI.
  • Strategic branding and marketing plays a key role in the success of a game. If anyone can't find your game that means your game doesn't exist.
  • Hard words, but truth!!
  • Many channels are available for marketing. Choosing a reliable and affordable one is important. You can also consult with the appropriate person for this.
  • Regardless of the development cycle, you also need to consider a platform for estimating.
  • Cost varies for android, windows, and iOS platforms. Cost of developing a game for iOS is much more than for android one.
  • Most game development companies are now focusing on developing cross-platform games for cost effectiveness.
  • It also gives you a wider audience than a single platform.
  • Hope your cluttered mind became cleared after reading this post.
  • Looking for a reliable offshore game development company? Reach out NSDBytes for worry free game design, development, and deployment.
  • Still have any questions or confusion?
  • Don't hesitate to contact us….
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