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Game Development

May 26, 2020

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As we know in 2020 there has been massive change in world flow. And in times of social distancing and lockdown people got attracted to gaming and OTT platforms.

Updates in UNITY 3D & Game Development in 2020

As we know in 2020 there has been massive change in world flow. And in times of social distancing and lockdown people got attracted to gaming and OTT platforms.

In this post, we will go into insights of recent updates in the gaming world. Here are top 10 updates which will improve game development.

1. NeoAxis Engine 2020.3

14 Years Old NeoAxis recently released its recent version of NeoAxis engine. It is now easy to develop 3D game objects with recent updates. This engine is continuously developing and will have another update soon.

2. Voice Cloning by Resembles AI

Resembles is an AI company developed a new Unity plugin for synthetic voice cloning.

It will now track speech for better VR experience. With this plugin, Unity developers can now style speech according to emotions at word level.

3. Latest Release of NoesisGUI - UI Tool

Noesis Technologies was working on performance improvement for their UI tool NoesisGUI. With this update developers will now be able to generate more fascinating user experience.

It will now reduce memory usage and increase performance.

4. Unreal Engine 5 by Epic Games

Epic Games - A renowned name in game development has launched Unreal Engine 5 with the focus on improvement in photorealism and 4K cinema experience for players.

It will now let developers create real time experience for next generation games.

It will fully release late in 2021 supporting PCs, Mac, Android, and iOS.

5. COVID 19 & Mobile Games

Effect of Covid-19 has directly affected social media and the gaming industry positively. Mobile play time, game purchase, and traffic drastically increased by 62%, 46%, and 30% respectively.

It is a huge opportunity for game developers to develop match less gaming experience during this time.

6. Blender Add-On Released

Creating houses will now be easy with BlenderNation new add-on. Every element that requires building houses, bungalows or other buildings is now available.

You just need to download the archive and add it in BlenderNation's add-on panel. That's it.

7. Open Source 3D Game Engine

ezEngine is an open source C++ 3d game development engine developed on Windows. It's an in-built editor, letting the creator edit, create and import scenes and other assets.

It is available under MIT license and hosted on GitHub to download.

8. New Update by DirectX Team at Microsoft

Good news for linux users!! Microsofts's DirectX team has GPU announced hardware acceleration for linux system.

It lets Linux KDM to connect with Windows GPU KMD to establish communication with GPU hardware.

9. New Game Crucible by Amazon Game Studios

Amazon Game Studios has been working on team-based shooter game Crucible since 2016. Amazon finally launched it on this 20th May.

This game is focused on players to fight with monsters and opponents. It has 3 modes : Heart of the Hives, Alpha Hunters, and Harvester Command.

It is now available on stream and free to play.

10. Tank Explosion Sound Effects

Attention Battle game developers!! Bluezone releases a new sound library of rank explosions with much detailing.

These effects are completely free to enhance battle games for real time experience. It is created using real time recording and then edited with much accuracy.

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