We2 - Dating Application

"we2" is a cutting-edge dating application designed for both Android and iOS platforms, powered by a robust Laravel PHP backend. Developed in a span of 4.5 months, this app redefines the dating experience through innovative features and a seamless user interface.

Project Overview

Innovative Dating Experience: The core concept of we2 revolves around redefining the dating experience. It introduces innovative features and a seamless user interface to enhance the overall interaction and connection between users.

  • Genre: Modern Dating Application
  • Development Period: 4.5 Months

App Features:

  • Smart Sorting: This social dating app targets a perfect niche of the matches that perfectly fits the filtered information entered by a user. The filter consists of the preferred age range, maximum distance, location preference which narrow down the search periphery for the exact match.
  • Smart filter: After filtering requirements, a user has to create his own identity which consists of his name, photo, a gist about him. This helps a match to know the person in a better way.
  • Uploading photos: It is a must on WE2 app for the users to have a profile photo as it gives a sense of validation and would feel safe to view real faces instead of an anonymous profile.
  • Search: People with similar interests will appear as per the search.
  • Mutual photo like: Both App user likes the mutual Photo then both will get added to their serch list. Growing there connection.
  • Like and super like feature: This is the most important feature of this dating application, which breaks the barrier to connect with mutual interests. With Super like feature it will show serious liking to the other user as it will be limited and user is try to work for it.

Development Phase:

  • Our client is an executive in the UK, who wanted to develop a dating app like Tinder. He was fascinated by the idea of online dating and wanted a free environment for the people to get connected and date with mutual interests. He wanted an app that allows users fast and efficient connections, with safety measures.
  • The name of this app was suggested by our client from a mere basic idea of couple and get connected for online dating.
  • Our client decided to make an online dating app and started searching on Google for experienced mobile app development company India with friendly with budget and can help in making a good app. He came across our company's portfolio. Every app, developed by us, had diligent features which attracted him to contact us through our website.
  • Our sales representative team conversed to discuss the requirements and to get a basic idea behind the app. The sales team was familiar with such concepts beforehand and thus they took minimal time in understanding the app requirement.
  • After perfectly portraying the real-time dating app, we discussed some important features for the app. We came with some new ideas like search super like and niche filtration that made this mobile dating application unique in the cluttered online dating app market from others.

Challenge and Solution:

  • User Privacy & Security: Implementing robust security protocols and encryption algorithms to safeguard user data.
  • Scalability & Performance: Optimizing backend infrastructure for handling a growing user base and ensuring app responsiveness.
  • User Engagement: Introducing interactive features like video profiles and geolocation-based matching to enhance user engagement.


"we2 - dating app" represents a milestone in the dating app landscape, offering a feature-rich, secure, and intuitive platform for individuals to connect. With a focus on user experience, privacy, and innovative functionalities, the app sets a new standard in modern dating applications, fostering meaningful connections.

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