How PHP Application Development Helps Enterprises

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November 3, 2020

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Today, PHP is one of the most versatile and flexible web development platforms available to developers worldwide. This is because PHP is not only a dynamic and interactive platform, but it is a versatile server-scripting language too. The main advantage of PHP is that it is available free of cost. Not only this, but PHP offers all the advantages that a proprietary scripting language offers. Let us understand how PHP application development helps enterprises achieve their goals.

An open-source platform

As we know that PHP is open source, the platform has behind it hundreds and thousands of developers who make it easy for enterprise level companies to develop their websites using PHP. These developers always make a constant effort to develop the best-in-class websites in PHP, thereby always raising the standards for this versatile platform. What's more with PHP, it is possible to develop faster site loading speeds than possible with ASP. The reason is that ASP needs an overhead server and a COM based architecture. However, PHP requires its own memory space to do the job. If you require PHP application development, we are a versatile PHP development company with a difference. Let us know your needs and we will be glad to help you

Requires less expensive hosting

Yet another advantage that enterprises have while going for PHP development is that PHP requires less expensive hosting that what is required for ASP, which requires IIS installation and Windows servers. Hosting companies are required to install both these components, if they want ASP to function. However, the requirement for PHP is only Linux servers, which hosting companies can easily provide at little or no additional costs.

Flexile database connectivity options

What's more, PHP is a completely flexible option compared to its counterparts when it comes to database connectivity. We can use PHP to connect to several databases. However, with PHP, the most popular database that developers like to connect to is MySQL. The best advantage is that since MySQL is free, it does not impose additional costs on the enterprise. However, its Microsoft counterpart is MS-SQL, which is available for a cost.

Has a wide talent pool behind it

PHP is further advantageous for enterprises since it has a wide talent pool behind it. Talent can be easily hired for PHP website development from the outsourcing market. It is also easy to setup an in-house development team with high-profile PHP talent as compared to talent related to other platforms.

Versatile cross-platform development tool

Another enterprise-friendly feature of PHP is that it can be easily used as a cross-platform development tool. This is because PHP easily interfaces with MySQL and Apache servers while operating on the Linux system. The LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) bundle has proved to be very popular for web development these days. Also, PHP code is much simpler than that of other platforms. Although some developers say that it's rather too simple, PHP can be easily customized hence it can be implemented faster.

A user-friendly platform with HTML 5 embedding

Since PHP is user-friendly, it is easier to code and presents an easier learning curve too. Later versions of PHP are more secure and are faster compared to their predecessors. Comparatively, it is a much better framework to take enterprise web development a step further. It's also easier to embed PHP into HTML 5, so several enterprises find it easier to create some of the most dynamic and intuitive web applications that are required today. We understand the extensive capabilities of PHP. So, if you require PHP application development, we are among the best-in-class PHP development companies that you can turn to. Get in touch with us today, and we will be glad to help you.

Gifted with Extensive Libraries

Also, PHP is known for its quick turnaround time. It has standard libraries, a diverse range of extensions, cross-platform functionality, and even allows customization of various CMS. Since it has a large family of frameworks ranging from Zend and Yii to Laravel and Symfony, it is more diverse than its counterparts. There's virtually no doubt that PHP application development is the in-thing today and the trend is going to continue for long. Let us know your PHP application development needs and we will be glad to help!


Today, there is no doubt that PHP is a well-established and reliable platform for web development. It is well-known as a consistent and effective technology on which a significant percentage of websites are built. There is no doubt that it delivers exceptional performance and improves the speed of execution. As it operates on a conventional stake, it is capable of leveraging the apache server. Therefore, developers can build bespoke and one-stop solutions for online requirements. Well, it is going to be a long time before curtains eventually drop on PHP. In the long run, PHP is going to give a tough competition to other platforms that may try and outrival it. Good luck!

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