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Must update in Industry due to COVID-19

COVID’19 requires no introduction. This tiny virus has shaken the entire world. From fruit sellers to corporate giants everyone is affected from lockdown and health emergencies.

Software industry is not excluded from this pandemic.

In this blog, we will see what upgrades are required to adapt this change and move forward towards progress.

There is a plethora of softwares for almost every industry whether it is health care, manufacturing, recruitment, or database management.

We will cover major category software that may get influenced. We will also note what changes software must do to satisfy changing demands.

  1. Medical / Healthcare Software

Medical softwares is in the 1st place. Data management and complexity of viruses is a challenge for medical software.

Over 6M people are already affected. This surge in patients requires proper management of doctors, staff members, and inventories.

Each hospital must require developing separate software to handle corona patients. We have already heard about data mismatch errors in the news. This will not only give accurate data but also necessary for health concerns.

  1. HRMS / Payroll Software

Most IT companies allow employees to work from home for more than 6 months. This change generated a surge in demand for creating remote tools.

It is low hanging fruit for HRMS and payroll software. They can include remote team handling features in the current version.

It will allow your client to stay connected with you. It will create a win-win situation for both.

  1. ERP Software

Corporate has made major changes in their policy, production, employees, and key business elements. Most office employees will do work from home for the long term.

This requires a different approach for ERP software companies. Every industry has their own data and terminology to manage. We must change industry wise to manage economical aspects.

Softwares should ensure flawless chain management between every corner of the organization. Manual business processes also need to be automated. Remote tools have become the primary requirement. AI will be an add-on.

  1. Security Software

Most important element of the online world is security. With growing demands in the digital world, security is an unavoidable aspect. Even WHO is not inevitable from cyber attacks. WHO has reported over five times an increase in cyber attacks.

Because of the rapid rise in cyber attacks, it is necessary to upgrade or enhance security of antivirus, anti-malware, fraud protection, and authentication softwares.

Advanced programming and logic are primary requirements.

  1. Project Management Software.

Managing projects becomes toughest during this pandemic. Productivity, employee engagement, and agile workflow is the major challenge for project management software developers.

So what should we do?

This software may need to redefine their usability and navigation. This will align processes and employees to a single goal of the project. Remote team management is an unavoidable feature for PMS.

Key Takeaways

Each software is developed according to the need of industry. Every software must fulfil their clients’ requirements economically. There is both a positive and negative impact on the software industry. But most software companies will have a positive effect from Covid’19. Only if they are solving key problems.

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cross platform

Confusion over react native or flutter ? This Article is for you

Apps are in outrageous demand ever than before. So, developers and companies like Google and Facebook are trying to enhance app development. 

Frameworks like Flutter and React native are gaining popularity for its salient features and benefits. But app developers often confuse between them for their apps. 

We will go in every corner of both the frameworks to give you laser sharp clarity of which one is most suitable for your app. 

Let’s first understand some basics about these two frameworks. 

What is Flutter? 

Flutter was completely launched by Google in late 2018. It is the newer platform, but not in terms of its efficiency. You can develop native apps for both iOS and Android easily and quickly. 

It is a freely available open-source framework with a single code base. This makes better design of UI and UX. In turn, it delivers an excellency in mobile app development. 

What is React Native? 

React Native is one of the most accepted cross platform frameworks created by Facebook. It uses UI library of react, which gives adaptive UI components. 

As React Native is 4 years older, there are plenty of resources, support, and packages available. To become a better developer, you also need to have knowledge of Redux and Flux. 

Why to Use Flutter? 

1) Developers love hot reload features. You can see what you change and implement in real-time. That’s why it reduces development time. 

2) Flutter apps are quicker in performance. It tends users to spend more time on such apps. 

3) Are looking for apps that give a confined experience on every device? Flutter is known to give the same UI and UX across all platforms. 

4) Development time is quite lesser in flutter. Why? Because it has a single code base that can be used for both Android and iOS platforms. 

5) Testing, bug fixing, and maintenance time is largely reduced. Thanks to a single code base. You just have to test once for all platforms. 

What to Keep in Mind for Flutter? 

As it is a new framework, it is harder to find support for technical advice. You must have a proficient team to develop such an app that knows proper scripting. 

Why to Use React Native? 

1) It also has a single code base. Hence it also saves much time and effort. Moreover, you will find already developed libraries for your needs.  

2) It has extensive support to use APIs in your app. Native modules help to deliver optimal app performance. Better control for native components across both platforms. 

3) Because of code reusability, it is comparatively affordable. 

4) You will get larger community support, as it is there for quite some time. You also can get a ready-made UI library to make your work easier and faster. 

5) It has better data binding features. React Native apps are more reliable. Hence it is being used by app giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

What to Keep in Mind for React Native? 

New updates are sometimes a headache. You need to do changes in your already written code. Due to complex syntax combinations, it is difficult to learn React Native. 

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