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Elementor Plugin | A Page Builder that Developer Loves

No one is there in the WordPress community who doesn’t know about elementor plugin. This is on of the most popular plugin in WordPress.

If you go 4-5 years back it is difficult to make even a 5 page website. There were page builders but they required much time to build a single layout.

Nowadays, Elementor made it so easy to build even themes and templates. Credit goes to its drag and drop and easy to preview changes features.

Moreover, there are ready-to-use page templates that make website development easier. Let’s take a deep dive into their features and why building websites is now painless.

Why Does the Elementor Stand Out?

  • Within 4 years of launch, it crossed nearly 5 million active installations. It is now available in 50+ languages.
  • There are plenty of page builders available in the market, but elementor gives you more control over others.
  • It is easy-to-use drag and drop page builder with over 90+ ready to use UI components. It is ideal for a newbie who wants to learn and build responsive pages.
  • Don’t have coding skills? Be worry free. It allows you to create beautiful pages and sections without writing a single line of code.
  • You need not make web pages responsive separately. We just need to do minor adjustments. It is an effortless task.
  • You can check the preview in real-time. You just need to click the preview button. Preview is available for Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop.
  • There 150+ free page templates available. If you are a PRO user, then it will be more than 300+.
  • With the PRO version, you will also be able to edit important sections of the website such as header, footer, and post page. If you are an experienced developer, then you can also try your hands on advanced features like interactions, animations, custom CSS, and contact forms.
  • What we most like is its background overlay and CSS filters feature. It helps you to deliver unmatched web design layouts.
  • Looking to build an E-commerce website? Elementor is equipped with a WooCommerce module to build product and category pages easily.
  • You can save, edit, and export layout easily with just one click.
  • Have you seen websites with unique shapes according to their brand guidelines? You can also make it elementor. And it doesn’t make a hole in your pocket.
  • Revision history feature is useful for multi-user websites.
  • Most of the features are free. But if you want to build advanced website with creative elements then PRO is good to go.
  • You will get more features including 300+ pre-built templates, pop up builder, and theme builder.

Comparatively, it is good to go and better for performance oriented websites.

You might think, why we are so confident.

Check out our website, it is also built with elementor. Isn’t it awesome?

Support from the elementor is also quite good. If you are new to WordPress we recommend you to start with this plugin.

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How Tracking User Behaviour on App & Software works ?

In this blog, we will see why measuring user behaviour is important and how to do it. But before it let’s see what user behaviour analysis is.

What is User Behaviour Analysis?

It is the method of gathering, tracking, and evaluating data of how users interact with our application or software.

Why Tracking of User Behaviour is Important?

Development is just one part of successful applications. It requires continuous refinement for an app or software to be useful. In the long-term, people are most likely to be connected with such apps.

Hence user behaviour tracking helps in understanding your target audience. You will also get insights of their needs, wants, demographic, and psychographics.

How to Do User Behaviour Tracking?

We now know the importance of understanding user behaviour. So how do you track your apps or software? There is plenty of free and premium softwares are available to do so. Let’s dig into it.

Tools for Web Application of Software:

Google Analytics

It is well known in the marketing industry. It is Google’s free tool that gives excellent data about your users. It let you know the user’s journey, landing page, bounce rate, avg. time on web application, and conversion rate. Moreover, it also helps you set up your customized dashboard.


It is the best in-market tool for visualizing your behaviour. It has an awesome feature of tracking visitor’s recording, surveys, and heat map analysis. This tool is paid, but its price is worth it.


It is almost the same tool as Hotjar. It gives you more insight of heat map, scroll map, and snapshots. You can also test which part of your web application works well and which is not.


Matomo is another powerful tool for behaviour tracking. You can do many things like heat maps, session recording, A/B testing, attributions reporting, and funnel visualizations.

 Tools for Mobile Application:

Apple Analytics

Obviously, Apple Analytics is made to track iOS mobile applications. It makes your work easier by checking user impressions, engagement, active devices, and retention. Its segmentation feature helps you to understand which one of your apps is performing better.


It is essentially used for developing apps. Google’s this tool also allows you to manage all your application data in a single place. It is compatible with iOS and Android. Its basic plan is free. Paid plans give you more valuable data.


It is one of the renowned mobile app analytics tools. It gives you a better understanding of user journey by tracking users interaction. 


Most useful tool for managing, auditing, and micro activity tracking of users. With its cloud integration feature, you can maintain data in cloud storage. Their pricing is upon request and customized according to requirements.

You can also track user behaviour for mobile apps with Google Analytics.


There are plenty of tools and resources available. By tracking user behaviour, we need to identify what are pros and cons in our software of apps. Continuous improvement is the goal of user behaviour analysis.

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