Game Development

How to Generate Revenue from Game ?

That’s why entrepreneurs like to test their courage in game development.

In this blog, we will see ways to make revenue by developing games.

Develop Freemium Games

Free + Premium is the best way to make a consistent income. You need to develop a game and make it freely available. And then include features like level upgrades and premium assets. The foremost examples of these games are Clash of Clans, Candy Crush, PUBG, and lots more.

We all know how engaging and addicting these games are. People would like to try free features before deciding to purchase. Because of tough competition, most games are adapting this model. 

If you are new to the gaming industry, this model is best fit for you. Paid games can’t get enough due to less popularity and credibility.

Take Advantage of Advertising on Your Games

People spend more time on games than any other apps. Because of Covid-19, people are playing games more than ever. According to Statista, there is a whopping 40% increase in the United States in time spent on games.

This is an opportunity for game developers to develop such games that people love to spend time. Earning revenue from Google AdSense requires knowledge of how AdSense works.

You must qualify for AdSense to show Ads on your games. You also need to consider where ads should show in your game.

You must not break gaming experience by showing ads. Showing ads on your games are beneficial if your games are popular.

You must avoid click bait and other spammy techniques that auto generate money. This may lead to permanently blocking your account. So staying away is always better.

Paid Games

This is only recommended for companies that are in the gaming industry for quite some time. If you are popular and credible, then you can also launch paid games.

You should have developed consistent gaming experience in the past. People are ready to spend on games because of unique experience and brand consistency.

You may need to invest in marketing strategy to reach a wider audience. Brand awareness is the most important for successful paid games.

You need to stand out from the ocean of millions of games. Unique features of your games will help you attract more buyers.

 If you are new to the gaming industry, then it is not recommended to you. 



Earning revenue from games is clearly not an easy task. But it is achievable and has higher ROI when games become successful. If your people love your games, then income will be a by-product.

You can incorporate two or all the ways to earn. Most game developers or publishers combine freemium and advertising to earn more. But I do not suggest it for newbies.

Had more thoughts or knew another way of earning? Let’s discuss at NSDBytes.

Game Development Software Solution

Solution for Industrial & Corporate Training is Gamification

It was nearly 4 months of lockdown and we don’t know how much more time we need to maintain social distancing.

It has just made a pause on industrial training and skill-building activities.

But work must go on. So we at NSDBytes found an effective solution. Mobile applications are becoming an integral part of our routine life.

We have developed mobile applications / games crafted for solely industrial training. Gamification of training sections. Let’s see how it can help you continue your training.

Features & Benefits of Industrial Training Apps:

Your employees don’t have to go to the field every time they want to understand something again. Our game helps to keep a record of each minor step of the training process.

Our Game helps to create and manage employees’ training data more easily than ever. You will have a facility to export and import data as per your demand.

It has the ability to personalize recommendations according to each individual’s quality. Personalization helps them solve the problems they are facing and give them a stepping stone for their career.

You will have a reward feature in it to recognize best performing employees. It will motivate employees to perform better and contribute more to your organization.

It allows keeping daily tracking of progress your employees made in their training process.

You can customize training and skills according to the level of your staff. This not only helps in creating hierarchy but also helps to manage skill set level of employees.

Don’t miss the best thing about this app. Do you know why it is so engaging? It is a game to play. Depending upon your industry it may be puzzles, specific sets of tasks, or mind improvement games. Your employees will start taking more interest and commitment in their work.

You can maintain transparency between organization and employees.

We also have convenience for your custom branding. It will maintain your brand consistency.

Is this Application Right for Your Business?

No matter in which segment or industry you are. Training is an essential part of every industry. Without proper training, employees can’t achieve expertise. It affects business in both ways economically and productively.

This App/Game is flexible with every industry’s terminology, skill set and training process. In fact, you can customize features of this app according to your business.

This app is most useful for mining, electronic, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. It avoids unnecessary risk involved in repetitive real-time tasks.

It will not only help during covid-19 pandemic but also best used for catastrophic events like earthquakes, floods, and droughts.

Social distancing will maintain and it will help in preventing the spread of Covid-19.

Want to check the live demo. Feel free to contact us at NSDBytes.