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    1. Overview :
      1. Client is Israel based and solo traveler and adventures person. To track his travel cost and while traveling the waste for keeping bill’s and multi currency expanses in one simple place which he can refer to when necessary and plan for further trip .
    2. Specification :
      1. We have developed the best travel expense tracking app, allowing users to track every travel expense while traveling. Using this top travel expense app, travellers can get a relaxed and comfortable traveling experience during traveling.
      2. App has feature like multi-currency conversion, limit Alerts, historical transactions & provides dynamic reporting to assist users with travel budget and track traveling cost as it occurs.
      3. Moreover, the app also allows travellers to track previous transactions and get a complete report on expenses. Even, travellers can track expense report in bar and graph layouts and export to different formats, including pdf and xls. So, travellers can compare trip expenses in two currencies like the local destination and their own home currency.
    3. Useful Features :
      1. With app user can keep complete record on spending location wise all their adventure, stay with colour code for different identification.
      2. The app allows users to easily switch between the foreign currency and the home currency. Get complete clarity when dealing with unfamiliar foreign currencies.
      3. Get limit reminders for credit card expenditure as it will assist users with their travel budget and keep them on track.
      4. User can download PDF or Sheet file for their cost and travel report or they can check in app in graphical manner with graphs and charts.
      5. In app user can take snap of the bills to save it in app for later verification too.
      6. Best part of app is currency converter so user can clear spending confusion in app only. As in travelling it makes this thing very difficult.

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