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Overview of client requirement

Our client was from the Insurance Industry and his requirement was to develop a software which can make staff work easy as their towering customer list and managing work was getting complicated. His requirement was regular work tracking, notification system for reminders both for staff and customer and customer management was a big hassle for them so Important thing was to sort old data and make it useful and arrange new data which can be more helpful for customer satisfaction.

Features we listed for better workflow

  • Help control and manage daily, monthly, and annual tasks with notification and alerts.
  • Simplify workflow and streamline policies management.
  • Automation of alert messages and payment reminders.
  • Insurance calculators help you calculate premium easily.
  • Efficient customer management system for agents and subordinates.
  • Even new feeds to keep employees up to date with the latest insurance industry insights.
  • Attribution Reporting helps you focus on important information.
  • Analysis from all data they have added till date. So they know what needs to be done for customers as well as some common things can be also handled with AI.


Thinking of security and speed for development we develop software in Microsoft .NET according to client requests. And also for Database we used SQLite which is good when you have a huge amount of data to manage.


Maintaining every detail and paper work online is not an overnight work. It is even harder to link every document and let the system take the decision. Developing software with the 10 years of physical data to process and to mold into the latest software system which can make their employees work more productively.


It definitely takes the aligned effort of a smart team. Team of proficient developers and designers spend hours identifying the best solution. And working with the client’s team to identify what could be the best solution for their system. We have developed bug free software with Microsoft .NET technology. It is also important to make sure our software works 24×7 with the same efficiency so we provided after software handover support and also training for their team.

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