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    1. Overview :
      1. Client is India based and active in the Tourism and Travel industry. Apart from the hotel, they are one of the leading DMC (Destination Management Company) for Gujarat Tourism. They do tie up with Hotels / Resorts at all the major tourist destinations in India.
    2. Goals :
      1. A single web solution with website for focused marketing to catch customers. And simple but robust management system to track each customer and there bookings effectively and hassle free for better management because in growing business customer are the key to success and for it the service.
    3. Specifications :
      1. Web based Solution for marketing their tour and travel business focused website. And tour and holiday booking platform for their customers with simple login system with tour estimation and final payment gateway and generating the itinerary.  We divided the project in 2 parts and its details are below
    4. Business Marketing : A website with company details and keywords for better SEO. A landing page with different packages as per seasons and attraction for social media branding.
    5. Customer management software : A web based software with features like tracking individual user and gives personalized notification/mail to users according to their search and enquiry results which depends on there budget and dates want to travel. Also a social blog system to connect to other travel with same travel teaste.
    6. Tour and Holiday packaging system : Client will have to enter destination and its dates and amount for the group tour packages all other itinerary will be selected from their past history of hotels and partnering companies. And it’s landing page for marketing will be made. For social media campaigns. And for custom holiday tours list of properties and details will have to be entered and even paternaring companies and even do there log in and manage their property and manage their bookings.

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