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The Reasons and Cases Why You Need To Migrate To Angular 10


For those of you who are already on the Angular 10 framework, you are already on the right track when it comes to web performance. But, all those who need to migrate to Angular 10 and haven’t done so yet, you could be missing the bus when it comes to remaining on top of the curve and enhancing your web performance statistics.  Hence, before we lose more time, let us understand the topic right away!

Why Angular 10

Angular 10 was released in June 2020. It comes as a boon for those organizations who find it extremely challenging to build complex browser-based applications. In order to deliver rich customer experiences, Angular 10 can be used so that the organization experiences better performance improvements. But in case you are still using an older version of Angular, you are missing out on several exciting features that Angular 10 has to offer.  By the way, we are an angular development company offering top-notch angular development services. We’d be glad to help with Angular development.

Easier to load

Angular 10 offers entire ecosystem changes instead of offering new features. It is smaller and more versatile than its previous versions, meaning thereby it is easier to load. It also includes a date range picker in the Angular Material UI component library.  It also includes warning for commonJS imports. Thus developers are warned when a larger, slower application results from a dependency packed with commonJS. Thus, developers are allowed to substitute an ECMAScript module bundle.

Supports the new TypeScript 3.9 version

What’s more, since Angular 10 supports the new TypeScript 3.9 version, more emphasis is placed on the quality and application. Faster angular build is possible for larger projects. Since Angular developers have access to the latest TypeScript fixes and features, they can provide you with the latest configuration.

Best Suitable for creating micro frontend applications

What’s more, Angular 10 is best suitable for creating micro frontend applications. Besides, these have only a few dependencies. It is easier to segregate both front-end and back-end coding to upgrade the stack. It is also easier to support end-to-end teams without the need for any coordination.If you require Angular development services, let us know. We are amongst the best angular 10 development company you can find!

Easier content management

Angular 10 comes with a new default directory called Contentful. Thus, you can easily manage content in the best possible manner. With Angular 10, the editor can carry out changes without the need to edit code. Speed conventions even allow you to build large applications and improve performance.

Delivers enhanced performance

When it comes to performance, Angular 10 delivers enhanced performance through several workflow and performance improvements. There are several bug fixes and solutions to known issues regarding regressions, core, router, and many others. Now we shall look at some cases which entail Angular 10 migration.


Case 1:

For those who are still using the older version of Angular, you will be used to benefits like better mobile apps with CLI prompts, CDK kit, drag and drop functionality, and others. Now that new iterations are being released every six months, it is a wise move to move from Angular 7 to Angular 10 before Angular 7 becomes obsolete. What you get is a bunch of benefits such as optional stricter settings, compiler interface, async locking configuration and an entry-point finder program. You can also expect a simplified automated migration from Angular 7 to 10.

Case 2:

Similarly, if you are on Angular 8, you will be used to several important features of Angular 8, which include differential loading of modern JavaScript and dynamic imports for lazy routers. It is also popular for Angular Ivy, which is the default rendering engine as an opt-in feature. However, Angular 10 offers highly better features like comprehensive type-checking within templates.

Case 3:

Those of you who have Angular 9 may be familiar with a new and improved Ivy compiler along with faster testing, better debugging, and a lot more. With Angular 9, Ivy became the default compiler. However, you may want to upgrade to Angular 10 to get advantage of the entire ecosystem of improvements. Some of these notable improvements include incrementally template type checking and immediate reporting of a stale lock file.  With Angular 10, it is also possible to reduce the size of the entry-point manifest file. Moreover, an explicit mapping development tool called ‘’Bazel’’ that supports the merging of multiple transaction files is available in Angular 10.


Although migration may mean a big undertaking for you and a headache if not implemented properly, it is advisable to migrate to Angular 10 in the long run. The complete ecosystem that Angular 10 offers will definitely help you to leverage Angular 10 development. For Angular development services, contact us – the best angular 10 development company you can find!  Good Luck!

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How PHP Application Development Helps Enterprises


Today, PHP is one of the most versatile and flexible web development platforms available to developers worldwide.  This is because PHP is not only a dynamic and interactive platform, but it is a versatile server-scripting language too.  The main advantage of PHP is that it is available free of cost. Not only this, but PHP offers all the advantages that a proprietary scripting language offers.  Let us understand how PHP application development helps enterprises achieve their goals.

An open-source platform

As we know that PHP is open source, the platform has behind it hundreds and thousands of developers who make it easy for enterprise level companies to develop their websites using PHP. These developers always make a constant effort to develop the best-in-class websites in PHP, thereby always raising the standards for this versatile platform. What’s more with PHP, it is possible to develop faster site loading speeds than possible with ASP. The reason is that ASP needs an overhead server and a COM based architecture. However, PHP requires its own memory space to do the job. If you require PHP application development, we are a versatile PHP development company with a difference. Let us know your needs and we will be glad to help you

Requires less expensive hosting

Yet another advantage that enterprises have while going for PHP development is that PHP requires less expensive hosting that what is required for ASP, which requires IIS installation and Windows servers. Hosting companies are required to install both these components, if they want ASP to function. However, the requirement for PHP is only Linux servers, which hosting companies can easily provide at little or no additional costs.

Flexile database connectivity options

What’s more, PHP is a completely flexible option compared to its counterparts when it comes to database connectivity.  We can use PHP to connect to several databases. However, with PHP, the most popular database that developers like to connect to is MySQL. The best advantage is that since MySQL is free, it does not impose additional costs on the enterprise. However, its Microsoft counterpart is MS-SQL, which is available for a cost.

Has a wide talent pool behind it

PHP is further advantageous for enterprises since it has a wide talent pool behind it. Talent can be easily hired for PHP website development from the outsourcing market. It is also easy to setup an in-house development team with high-profile PHP talent as compared to talent related to other platforms.

Versatile cross-platform development tool

Another enterprise-friendly feature of PHP is that it can be easily used as a cross-platform development tool. This is because PHP easily interfaces with MySQL and Apache servers while operating on the Linux system. The LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) bundle has proved to be very popular for web development these days. Also, PHP code is much simpler than that of other platforms. Although some developers say that it’s rather too simple, PHP can be easily customized hence it can be implemented faster.

A user-friendly platform with HTML 5 embedding

Since PHP is user-friendly, it is easier to code and presents an easier learning curve too. Later versions of PHP are more secure and are faster compared to their predecessors. Comparatively, it is a much better framework to take enterprise web development a step further. It’s also easier to embed PHP into HTML 5, so several enterprises find it easier to create some of the most dynamic and intuitive web applications that are required today. We understand the extensive capabilities of PHP. So, if you require PHP application development, we are among the best-in-class PHP development companies that you can turn to. Get in touch with us today, and we will be glad to help you.

Gifted with Extensive Libraries

Also, PHP is known for its quick turnaround time. It has standard libraries, a diverse range of extensions, cross-platform functionality, and even allows customization of various CMS.  Since it has a large family of frameworks ranging from Zend and Yii to Laravel and Symfony, it is more diverse than its counterparts. There’s virtually no doubt that PHP application development is the in-thing today and the trend is going to continue for long. Let us know your PHP application development needs and we will be glad to help!


Today, there is no doubt that PHP is a well-established and reliable platform for web development. It is well-known as a consistent and effective technology on which a significant percentage of websites are built. There is no doubt that it delivers exceptional performance and improves the speed of execution. As it operates on a conventional stake, it is capable of leveraging the apache server. Therefore, developers can build bespoke and one-stop solutions for online requirements. Well, it is going to be a long time before curtains eventually drop on PHP. In the long run, PHP is going to give a tough competition to other platforms that may try and outrival it. Good luck!

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Why ReactJS is the Best for Web Development In 2020


These days, digitization holds the key to success. Several companies are choosing digitization to enable growth and fuel progress. In such a scenario, ReactJS has come as the right framework to boost web development across the World Wide Web.  Truly, ReactJS development has made the digitized world today a better place because of the power and flexibility of ReactJS.  Let us examine some of the best reasons why ReactJS is considered the unsurpassed framework for web development in 2020.

What ReactJSIs

React JS is an open-source JavaScript library that is meant for building user interfaces (UIs) especially for single-page apps. This UI framework is used for handling the view layer for the web as well as mobile apps.  Hence ReactJS development is very popular with modern-day developers. ReactJS developers can now create reusable UI components and thus can develop large web apps. It can also be used in combination with other JavaScript libraries such as AngularJS in MVC. Let us examine some of the best reasons why ReactJS should be used for web development.

Uses the JSX template

Since ReactJS uses the JSX template, which is a simple template, it can replace the regular JavaScript. It allows for HTML quoting so that HTML tag syntax is used to render the sub-components. 

Creates an in-memory data structure

With ReactJS, it is possible to create an in-memory data structure cache. This cache computes the changes made and then it updates the browser. So, the developer can code as if the whole page will render on each change. The ReactJS library only renders those components that change. This makes ReactJS development much easier and flexible than other frameworks.

Modular Nature

The React library helps to build web solutions based on components that are surrounded by more complex structures. Hence, a modular approach is favoured and developers can form separate module blocks. These module blocks can be easily modernized and used in other projects. Needless to say, we are a ReactJS development company with a difference. Get in touch with us for top-quality ReactJS development.

Simplicity in code testing

Due to the modular nature of the code, it is possible to speed up the speed of development. With ReactJS, you can easily reuse the existing code. Thus, you can avoid a large number of errors in new projects. With pre-developed efficiently designed components, you can easily write less code and use the components in building new projects.  Thus, it is easier to debug your preexisting code, especially when they are used in new applications.  As a reactJS development company, we know the difference when it comes to code testing. So, hire our ReactJS developers without any delay!

Easy code optimization

As a ReactJS development company, we are aware of how easy code optimization affects deadlines. ReactJS development utilizes a component-based approach for solutions. These provide developers with the ability to customize existing components. Thus, the software development process becomes a constant enhancement process. The components could have been created during some other project life cycle. But, they don’t need to have additional dependencies. Thus, you can easily optimize code for changing client requirements and other implied UX requirements.

Easy to create dynamic web pages

You can easily create dynamic web pages with the help of ReactJS. Instead of utilizing regular DOM (document object model), which is the visual part of the HTML code, the lightweight copy – called Virtual DOM is used.  In the case of DOM, it is usually redrawn when the user makes certain changes within the page.  But in the case of ReactJS, it does not redraw the entire tree of objects from scratch. It only draws the nodes that were modified or changed. Thus, you get an almost instant reaction to changes that were carried out. Only experienced developers can know the difference, so hire our ReactJS developers without any delay!

Easy creation of isomorphic apps

This only means that the same codebase can be used on the server and the client site. Thus, when the web page is launched initially by a user in a browser, the browser downloads the minimum extent of an HTML page.  The content is concurrently filled with the help of a JavaScript code. Sometimes, this can be a very resource-intensive process. If a part of the JavaScript code is transferred to the server-side, this can be easily sorted out.

Comprehensive ReactJS Library

With ReactJS, the level of abstraction the library provides is very high. There is no need to dedicate extra efforts for the creation of objects or define the related properties. Hence, iteven beats AngularJS, which is considered a popular frontend development framework.Hire our ReactJS developers who have comprehensive experience inReactJS development.

Wrapping it up Many companies owe their success to ReactJS, including Dropbox, Netflix, Walmart, and Tesla Motors. The ReactJS library is full of topmost solutions for up-to-date web development. Finally, it has a large developer community. It is really popular with hundreds and thousands of articles, tutorials, and public pages devoted to ReactJS web development. Get hold of ReactJS today!

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Why AngularJS Should Be Used For Web Development ?

In today’s eCommerce-enabled world, every organization puts web development at a priority. To simplify web development and make it more impactful, Google introduced Angular JS in 2009.  Since its introduction then, AngularJS has created waves in the market.  This platform has found immense support among developers around the world. 

Many an AngularJS development company has been set up for the development of AngularJS apps. Based on HTML (HypertextMarkup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and JS (JavaScript), it is used to simplify web development and create an amazing website on the World Wide Web. Let us look at some of the reasons why an AngularJS development company is in demand and why AngularJS should be the first choice as a framework for web development over other web development tools.

Since AngularJS is developed and maintained by Google, there is a large community of skilled and enthusiastic developers out there which is available for support.  Hence, why not hire an AngularJS developer to develop your web app! AngularJS is now highly preferred for developing website components due to its effectiveness and flexible nature. Not only can it be defined as a structural framework for dynamic web application development but it also enables the user to use HTML as the template language. No doubt, many companies are choosing this platform for AngularJS development services!

1. Simplified MVC Architecture

The MVC architecture that AngularJS uses is simplified. Thus, it becomes much easier to develop robust and interactive web applications. Many frameworks require that the developer split the application development into several MVC components. The developer then is forced to write code to join the several MVC components. However, in AngularJS, MVC can be implemented easily. AngularJS connects the various MVC components within a web application. Hire an AngularJS developer to develop your app with simplified MVC architecture!

2. Use of Two-Way Data Binding

AngularJS makes use of two-way data binding. If the user interface is changed, it immediately influences the application objects. Upon encountering browser events and user actions on the page, the framework updates the related patterns.  With AngularJS, it is sufficient to describe the result with model state terms because there is no need to store links to DOM elements for direct manipulation. There is no need to use low-level constructions. We offer world-class AngularJS development services. Why not get in touch with us to know more

3. Supports Single Page Applications

AngularJS supports single-page applications.  The main reason behind developing single-page applications is faster website transition to make the website function and appear like a native app.  Single page application means the web browser dynamically replaces the existing web page with the new web server data. This is in contrasts to the browser’s default behaviour of loading a new page completely.  Thus, when a programmer develops a single page application with the help of Angular JS, the page loads much quicker. Therefore, the resultant user experience is excellent and also the maintenance of such pages is easier. Our AngularJS development service takes care of this aspect!

4.    Use of HTML to Create Templates

Since angular JS makes use of HTML to create templates, it makes development much easier compared to other frameworks. With a declarative UI, it is easy to use chiefly due to its scalability and intuitiveness. Since AngularJS makes use of HTML for templates, it lets designers and developers work together. Designers focus on creating the UI while developers connect the various UI components to the data models.  Hire the best-in-class Angular JS development company to meet your angular JS development needs. We offer our AngularJS development services with the use of HTML and that too at affordable rates!

5.    Easier Testing

With the AngularJS framework, it is possible to easily test your web app with both end-to-end and unit testing. Thus, developers can easily check their applications for errors using features such as dependency injection and others.  Because of its rich features, developers do not need to depend upon third-party software and can save significant time and resources while working with AngularJS.

6. Bug Fixes And Code Consistency

The latest angular version includes several bug fixes. Numerous issues in the compiler, core, route, and modules have now been resolved. AngularJS also is well known for its code consistency, which is the bedrock of a strong development environment. With the help of the Angular Command Line Interface along with the documentation style guide, consistency is maintained at all levels and the entire team remains on the same page.  Codes can be reused that simplifies the development process. More functionality with shorter codes can be included so that the team remains productive even while working on a back-to-back and similar projects.

Wrapping it up

AngularJS is an apt framework for building dynamic web apps that can be readily taken up by enterprise-level companies. We are an AngularJS development company with a difference. Why not get in touch with us to know how you can hire our top-notch AngularJS developers, who can help you build the best-in-class AngularJS apps. We are a globally recognized company for our contribution to AngularJS development services. Get in touch with us today!

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Elementor Plugin | A Page Builder that Developer Loves

No one is there in the WordPress community who doesn’t know about elementor plugin. This is on of the most popular plugin in WordPress.

If you go 4-5 years back it is difficult to make even a 5 page website. There were page builders but they required much time to build a single layout.

Nowadays, Elementor made it so easy to build even themes and templates. Credit goes to its drag and drop and easy to preview changes features.

Moreover, there are ready-to-use page templates that make website development easier. Let’s take a deep dive into their features and why building websites is now painless.

Why Does the Elementor Stand Out?

  • Within 4 years of launch, it crossed nearly 5 million active installations. It is now available in 50+ languages.
  • There are plenty of page builders available in the market, but elementor gives you more control over others.
  • It is easy-to-use drag and drop page builder with over 90+ ready to use UI components. It is ideal for a newbie who wants to learn and build responsive pages.
  • Don’t have coding skills? Be worry free. It allows you to create beautiful pages and sections without writing a single line of code.
  • You need not make web pages responsive separately. We just need to do minor adjustments. It is an effortless task.
  • You can check the preview in real-time. You just need to click the preview button. Preview is available for Mobile, Tablet, and Desktop.
  • There 150+ free page templates available. If you are a PRO user, then it will be more than 300+.
  • With the PRO version, you will also be able to edit important sections of the website such as header, footer, and post page. If you are an experienced developer, then you can also try your hands on advanced features like interactions, animations, custom CSS, and contact forms.
  • What we most like is its background overlay and CSS filters feature. It helps you to deliver unmatched web design layouts.
  • Looking to build an E-commerce website? Elementor is equipped with a WooCommerce module to build product and category pages easily.
  • You can save, edit, and export layout easily with just one click.
  • Have you seen websites with unique shapes according to their brand guidelines? You can also make it elementor. And it doesn’t make a hole in your pocket.
  • Revision history feature is useful for multi-user websites.
  • Most of the features are free. But if you want to build advanced website with creative elements then PRO is good to go.
  • You will get more features including 300+ pre-built templates, pop up builder, and theme builder.

Comparatively, it is good to go and better for performance oriented websites.

You might think, why we are so confident.

Check out our website, it is also built with elementor. Isn’t it awesome?

Support from the elementor is also quite good. If you are new to WordPress we recommend you to start with this plugin.

Had more thoughts on this?