Recruiter - Platform Overview

"Recruiter" is a robust platform designed to assist multinational corporations in hiring the right talent across different continents. Developed over 3.5 months, with a design in XD/Figma and a PHP Laravel backend, it streamlines the process of scheduling, tracking interviews, and managing candidate references.

Project Overview

Global Talent Acquisition: The core concept of Recruiter revolves around simplifying and enhancing the process of hiring top talent on a global scale. It assists multinational corporations in identifying, scheduling, and tracking interviews, as well as managing candidate references seamlessly.

  • Genre: Hiring and Recruitment Platform
  • Development Period: 3.5 Months

APP Features:

  • Global Resource Allocation: Facilitates hiring processes for individual offices across continents.
  • Interview Scheduling & Tracking: Allows seamless scheduling and tracking of candidate interviews.
  • Reference Management: Manages and organizes candidate references for future assessments.
  • Multi-Continent Coordination: Streamlines hiring processes for diverse geographic locations.
  • Customizable Dashboard: Provides customizable dashboards for individual office HR teams.

Development Phase:

  • Conceptualization & Prototyping: Ideation and prototyping in XD/Figma for a user-friendly interface.
  • Backend Development in PHP Laravel: Building a robust backend for seamless data management and processing.
  • Testing & Optimization: Rigorous testing to ensure functionality, security, and scalability.
  • Deployment & User Feedback Integration: Launching the app and incorporating user feedback for continuous improvements.

Challenge and Solution:

  • Geographic Complexity: Addressing complexities in coordinating hiring processes across continents.
  • Data Security & Privacy: Ensuring stringent data security measures due to cross-border operations.
  • User Interface Adaptability: Designing an adaptable interface catering to diverse HR teams' needs.


"Recruiter" stands as a transformative tool, revolutionizing talent acquisition for multinational corporations. Through meticulous planning, user-centric design, and robust PHP Laravel backend development, it offers a streamlined process for hiring and managing candidates across continents, effectively enhancing global talent acquisition strategies.

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