Certi Order

"Certi Order" revolutionizes real estate verification by providing a platform for brokers to upload property details, facilitating customer-requested property verification, and enabling customized payments based on varying provincial municipality rules. Developed in XD for design and backed by Microsoft .NET & SQLite, this app tailors verification processes per province, simplifying customer transactions within 3.5 months.

Project Overview

Customized Real Estate Verification: The core concept of Certi Order revolves around revolutionizing real estate verification by offering a platform where brokers can upload property details. The app facilitates customer-requested property verification and enables customized payments based on varying provincial municipality rules.

  • Genre: Real Estate Verification Platform
  • Development Period: 3.5 Months

APP Features:

  • Property Verification Portal: Brokers upload property details for customer-requested verifications.
  • Custom Payment System: Customers pay based on customized verification requirements and provincial rules.
  • Dynamic Municipality Selection: Automatic selection of provincial municipality rules upon property selection.
  • Broker Bidding Mechanism: Brokers bid to fulfill customer-requested verification tasks.
  • Rule-Specific Verification: Verification procedures customized as per diverse provincial rules.

Development Phase:

  • Requirements Analysis & Design Planning: Understanding diverse provincial rules and user needs for the verification platform.
  • XD Design Implementation: Designing an intuitive and user-friendly interface in XD for seamless navigation.
  • Microsoft .NET & SQLite Backend Development: Building a robust backend to manage diverse provincial rules and transactions securely
  • Testing & Debugging: Rigorous testing to ensure functionality, data security, and adherence to provincial rules.
  • Deployment & User Training: Successful app deployment along with user training for seamless adoption.

Challenge and Solution:

  • Diverse Provincial Rules: Adapting the system to accommodate various municipal rules across provinces.
  • Custom Payment System: Developing a payment structure that aligns with custom verification requirements and provincial regulations.
  • Broker-Bidding Framework: Implementing a bidding mechanism for brokers to compete and fulfill customer requests efficiently.


"Certi Order" stands as a pivotal solution, simplifying real estate verification by integrating provincial rules into a unified platform. Through meticulous planning, design in XD, and robust Microsoft .NET & SQLite backend development, the app efficiently caters to customer-requested property verifications while ensuring compliance with diverse provincial regulations, optimizing the real estate verification process.

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