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App Development

Why ReactJS is the Best for Web Development In 2020

Since ReactJS uses the JSX template, which is a simple template, it can replace the regular JavaScript. It allows for HTML quoting so that HTML tag syntax is used to render the sub-components.

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Web Development

Why AngularJS Should Be Used For Web Development ?

In today’s eCommerce-enabled world, every organization puts web development at a priority. To simplify web development and make it more impactful, Google introduced Angular JS in 2009. Since its introduction then, AngularJS has created waves in the market. This platform has found immense support among developers around the world.

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App Development

Guide on Types of Ads & Its Placement in Apps

Successful Apps can generate revenue in numerous ways. In a previous blog, we have discussed ways to earn revenue. In this blog, we will see types of ads and its placement in apps to generate maximum revenue.

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Game Development

How to Generate Revenue from Game ?

Game development is not an easy and one day task. It requires a lot of patience, hard work, and management to deploy a successful game.
But developing a game is not enough, it must be able to generate consistent income. And that’s not a day job.

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Game Development

Solution for Industrial & Corporate Training is Gamification

Businesses are impacted due to Covid – 19 more than anything else. It has impacted the spine of every country. People are still in a fearful state. Social distancing is an unavoidable part of our day-to-day life. It has directly affected every corner of industry.

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Software Development

Must update in Industry due to COVID-19

Every software must fulfil their clients’ requirements economically. There is both a positive and negative impact on the software industry. But most software companies will have a positive effect from Covid’19. Only if they are solving key problems.

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Game Development

How to Calculate Game Development Cost?

Game development is not as easy as playing games. When it comes to calculating the cost of game development it becomes more confusing and challenging.

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