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Must update in Industry due to COVID-19

COVID’19 requires no introduction. This tiny virus has shaken the entire world. From fruit sellers to corporate giants everyone is affected from lockdown and health emergencies.

Software industry is not excluded from this pandemic.

In this blog, we will see what upgrades are required to adapt this change and move forward towards progress.

There is a plethora of softwares for almost every industry whether it is health care, manufacturing, recruitment, or database management.

We will cover major category software that may get influenced. We will also note what changes software must do to satisfy changing demands.

  1. Medical / Healthcare Software

Medical softwares is in the 1st place. Data management and complexity of viruses is a challenge for medical software.

Over 6M people are already affected. This surge in patients requires proper management of doctors, staff members, and inventories.

Each hospital must require developing separate software to handle corona patients. We have already heard about data mismatch errors in the news. This will not only give accurate data but also necessary for health concerns.

  1. HRMS / Payroll Software

Most IT companies allow employees to work from home for more than 6 months. This change generated a surge in demand for creating remote tools.

It is low hanging fruit for HRMS and payroll software. They can include remote team handling features in the current version.

It will allow your client to stay connected with you. It will create a win-win situation for both.

  1. ERP Software

Corporate has made major changes in their policy, production, employees, and key business elements. Most office employees will do work from home for the long term.

This requires a different approach for ERP software companies. Every industry has their own data and terminology to manage. We must change industry wise to manage economical aspects.

Softwares should ensure flawless chain management between every corner of the organization. Manual business processes also need to be automated. Remote tools have become the primary requirement. AI will be an add-on.

  1. Security Software

Most important element of the online world is security. With growing demands in the digital world, security is an unavoidable aspect. Even WHO is not inevitable from cyber attacks. WHO has reported over five times an increase in cyber attacks.

Because of the rapid rise in cyber attacks, it is necessary to upgrade or enhance security of antivirus, anti-malware, fraud protection, and authentication softwares.

Advanced programming and logic are primary requirements.

  1. Project Management Software.

Managing projects becomes toughest during this pandemic. Productivity, employee engagement, and agile workflow is the major challenge for project management software developers.

So what should we do?

This software may need to redefine their usability and navigation. This will align processes and employees to a single goal of the project. Remote team management is an unavoidable feature for PMS.

Key Takeaways

Each software is developed according to the need of industry. Every software must fulfil their clients’ requirements economically. There is both a positive and negative impact on the software industry. But most software companies will have a positive effect from Covid’19. Only if they are solving key problems.

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cross platform

Confusion over react native or flutter ? This Article is for you

Apps are in outrageous demand ever than before. So, developers and companies like Google and Facebook are trying to enhance app development. 

Frameworks like Flutter and React native are gaining popularity for its salient features and benefits. But app developers often confuse between them for their apps. 

We will go in every corner of both the frameworks to give you laser sharp clarity of which one is most suitable for your app. 

Let’s first understand some basics about these two frameworks. 

What is Flutter? 

Flutter was completely launched by Google in late 2018. It is the newer platform, but not in terms of its efficiency. You can develop native apps for both iOS and Android easily and quickly. 

It is a freely available open-source framework with a single code base. This makes better design of UI and UX. In turn, it delivers an excellency in mobile app development. 

What is React Native? 

React Native is one of the most accepted cross platform frameworks created by Facebook. It uses UI library of react, which gives adaptive UI components. 

As React Native is 4 years older, there are plenty of resources, support, and packages available. To become a better developer, you also need to have knowledge of Redux and Flux. 

Why to Use Flutter? 

1) Developers love hot reload features. You can see what you change and implement in real-time. That’s why it reduces development time. 

2) Flutter apps are quicker in performance. It tends users to spend more time on such apps. 

3) Are looking for apps that give a confined experience on every device? Flutter is known to give the same UI and UX across all platforms. 

4) Development time is quite lesser in flutter. Why? Because it has a single code base that can be used for both Android and iOS platforms. 

5) Testing, bug fixing, and maintenance time is largely reduced. Thanks to a single code base. You just have to test once for all platforms. 

What to Keep in Mind for Flutter? 

As it is a new framework, it is harder to find support for technical advice. You must have a proficient team to develop such an app that knows proper scripting. 

Why to Use React Native? 

1) It also has a single code base. Hence it also saves much time and effort. Moreover, you will find already developed libraries for your needs.  

2) It has extensive support to use APIs in your app. Native modules help to deliver optimal app performance. Better control for native components across both platforms. 

3) Because of code reusability, it is comparatively affordable. 

4) You will get larger community support, as it is there for quite some time. You also can get a ready-made UI library to make your work easier and faster. 

5) It has better data binding features. React Native apps are more reliable. Hence it is being used by app giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

What to Keep in Mind for React Native? 

New updates are sometimes a headache. You need to do changes in your already written code. Due to complex syntax combinations, it is difficult to learn React Native. 

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cross platform React

Why to go for Cross Platform over Native App Development?

Both technologies are constantly improving their framework, coding methods, and UI libraries. That’s why sometimes developers confuse choosing between one of them.

What is a Cross Platform App?

It is an application developed to make it compatible with different mobile platforms. There are plenty of frameworks available to ease the development process.

Some of them are Ionic, Xamarin, Flutter, and React Native. With the help of these platforms it is easier for app developers to develop such applications.

What is Native App?

A native application is developed exclusively for a specific platform. In these types of apps, only a single platform’s guidelines and functionalities are kept in mind.

Both have their pros and cons.

So why do developers prefer cross-platform over native? 

I have divided your answer into six easy to digest points.

Let’s take a deep dive into it.

1) Cross platform apps compatible with multiple platforms. Hence such applications receive a wider audience range within the same cost of development. Hence, it gives much higher ROI and brand awareness. Some popular examples of cross platform apps are Uber, Bloomberg, Facebook ads, and Walmart.

2) As these apps are developed for multi-platform it has drastically less development time. It combines some common processes to make this possible. Because coding and scripting is reusable, less time required for bug fixing and testing. Native apps need to be built separately for each platform. For iOS you need to build with Objective-C or swift and Java for Android.

3) It requires less time to implement and make changes to code. This not only reduces development time but also gives more flexibility to sync updates. Contrarily, native apps need to change and implement code separately for each platform. That’s why its development time is much higher.

4) It gives thematic and seamless experience to users. It gives the same look and feel across all devices. Hence app giants like Uber and Facebook like to go with it for unmatched user experience. You can use the same color, interface, and UX across every platform effortlessly. 

Maintaining brand guidelines is difficult for native application across every platform. Because you need to develop front-end separately for native one.

5) Reusable code, less bug fixing time, and flexible UI makes cross-platform app pocket friendly. Instead of making two or three different versions of your app, you only need to build a single version. 

6) Tech giants are putting more weight on cross platform apps. So, there is ease of availability of cross-platform development resources. More frameworks are available compared to native app development.

Most startups now prefer cross platform apps because of its flexibility, cost effectiveness, wider reach to people, and uniqueness of user experience.

Hope you got the better idea!!

Whether you are a startup, developer or enterprise, cross-platform is always the most suitable and affordable one.

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Game Development

How to Calculate Game Development Cost?

Game development is not as easy as playing games. When it comes to calculating the cost of game development it becomes more confusing and challenging.

Today I am going to show how you can calculate the cost of game development accurately.

Your development cost solely depends upon functionality of game, graphics, characters, user interface, and type of game.

Every app development estimate involves three phases: Pre Development cost, Developing cost, and Post Development cost.

Let’s check each phase step by step.

  1. Pre Development Cost

We can’t start developing games just after drinking morning tea. It takes planning, brainstorming, strategy, design, game art, conceptualization, and prototyping.

Pre-development phase builds the foundation of the game. It must be carried out with utmost importance.

It starts from why, what, and how.

Why is this game different?

How will your game be completed within the deadline?

What factors need to be considered?

Each step takes time, effort, and resources.

We need to identify the minimum and maximum bar. Qualitative efforts in pre pre-development stage are crucial for success. Foundation of your game must be strong enough to encounter future major problems.

  1. Developing Cost

This is an important and lengthiest phase. In this step, your concept is handcrafted with a blend of skills and latest technologies.

Programming, scripting, building assets, character creation, animation, voice and music assignment, and other important tasks are carried out in the production phase.

Tools, softwares, time duration, and other miscellaneous costs are also included in development.

It takes most of your cost of overall game development.

You need to estimate time and effort based on competitor’s analysis and your experience.

We must take production of the game precisely to avoid flaws and errors.

  1. Post Development Cost

After successful development, team members are assigned to do maintenance, testing, and bug fixing.

It is directly connected to the quality of development phase. The more you are accurate in development, the lesser the cost of bug fixing will be.

We need to keep in mind that maintenance is a continual cost of game. Server resources, size of game, and updates are affecting factors.

Only game development and deployment are not enough for better ROI.

Strategic branding and marketing plays a key role in the success of a game. If anyone can’t find your game that means your game doesn’t exist. 

Hard words, but truth!!

Many channels are available for marketing. Choosing a reliable and affordable one is important. You can also consult with the appropriate person for this.

Regardless of the development cycle, you also need to consider a platform for estimating.

Cost varies for android, windows, and iOS platforms. Cost of developing a game for iOS is much more than for android one.

Most game development companies are now focusing on developing cross-platform games for cost effectiveness.

It also gives you a wider audience than a single platform.

Hope your cluttered mind became cleared after reading this post.

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Game Development

Game Development 2020

Updates in UNITY 3D & Game Development in 2020

As we know in 2020 there has been massive change in world flow. And in times of social distancing and lockdown people got attracted to gaming and OTT platforms. 

In this post, we will go into insights of recent updates in the gaming world. Here are top 10 updates which will improve game development.

1) NeoAxis Engine 2020.3 

14 Years Old NeoAxis recently released its recent version of NeoAxis engine. It is now easy to develop 3D game objects with recent updates. This engine is continuously developing and will have another update soon. 

2) Voice Cloning by Resembles AI 

Resembles is an AI company developed a new Unity plugin for synthetic voice cloning. 

It will now track speech for better VR experience. With this plugin, Unity developers can now style speech according to emotions at word level. 

3) Latest Release of NoesisGUI – UI Tool 

Noesis Technologies was working on performance improvement for their UI tool NoesisGUI. With this update developers will now be able to generate more fascinating user experience. 

It will now reduce memory usage and increase performance. 

4) Unreal Engine 5 by Epic Games 

Epic Games – A renowned name in game development has launched Unreal Engine 5 with the focus on improvement in photorealism and 4K cinema experience for players. 

It will now let developers create real time experience for next generation games. 

It will fully release late in 2021 supporting PCs, Mac, Android, and iOS. 

5) COVID 19 & Mobile Games 

Effect of Covid-19 has directly affected social media and the gaming industry positively. Mobile play time, game purchase, and traffic drastically increased by 62%, 46%, and 30% respectively. 

It is a huge opportunity for game developers to develop match less gaming experience during this time. 

6) Blender Add-On Released 

Creating houses will now be easy with BlenderNation new add-on. Every element that requires building houses, bungalows or other buildings is now available. 

You just need to download the archive and add it in BlenderNation’s add-on panel. That’s it. 

7) Open Source 3D Game Engine 

ezEngine is an open source C++ 3d game development engine developed on Windows. It’s an in-built editor, letting the creator edit, create and import scenes and other assets. 

It is available under MIT license and hosted on GitHub to download. 

8) New Update by DirectX Team at Microsoft 

Good news for linux users!! Microsofts’s DirectX team has GPU announced hardware acceleration for linux system. 

It lets Linux KDM to connect with Windows GPU KMD to establish communication with GPU hardware. 

9) New Game Crucible by Amazon Game Studios 

Amazon Game Studios has been working on team-based shooter game Crucible since 2016. Amazon finally launched it on this 20th May. 

This game is focused on players to fight with monsters and opponents. It has 3 modes : Heart of the Hives, Alpha Hunters, and Harvester Command. 

It is now available on stream and free to play. 

10) Tank Explosion Sound Effects 

Attention Battle game developers!! Bluezone releases a new sound library of rank explosions with much detailing. 

These effects are completely free to enhance battle games for real time experience. It is created using real time recording and then edited with much accuracy. 


Update’s in React 16

React v16.0 comes with some major changes and an update to the react core algorithm. With React v16.0 Facebook has completely revised the internals of React while keeping the public API essentially the same.

A brief introduction of the changes are:

New Core Architecture:

React 16 is the first version of React built on top of a new core architecture, which is named “Fiber”. The new features in React v16.0 i.e. error boundaries, fragments, portals and async rendering (which is to be released soon) have been made possible due to Fiber.

Fragments & Strings:

With this new feature in React v16.0 now we can also return an array of elements, and string from component’s render method.

Error Handling:

Prior to React v16.0, any error in any part of the UI would crash the whole application. To tackle this problem, a new concept has been introduced in React v16.0 namely Error Boundary.

Only class components can be error boundaries. To make class components an error boundary we define a new lifecycle method called componentDidCatch(error, info).

Now you can use this Error Boundary as a regular component.


With this new concept of portals React v16.0 allows us to render children in any DOM node regardless of its location in the DOM.

Server Side Rendering:

React v16.0 includes a completely rewritten server render. It’s really fast. It supports streaming, so you can start sending bytes to the client faster. I don’t know much about server side rendering but I can refer you to this amazing article for an in-depth introduction to server side rendering in React v16.0.

Game Development

Why use Unity3D ?

Unity3D is a very powerful development framework for building the exciting 2D/3D game. It does integrate a broad range of authoring tools for 2D and 3D. The games developed on this game engine are developed once with a single code but the games can be easily deployed on different platforms.

Unity3D is a game engine that offers revolutionary solutions with features of interactive media installation as well as a stunning architectural visualization that is suitable for a cross platform environment. Unity 3D game development engine offers an extensive ecosystem for building and deploying.

It ensures rare gaming experience with the enthralling 3D game flow along with a wide array of game authoring tools and intuitive resources. The popularity of the game engine has encompassed its user-friendly features and other simple and pragmatic reasons.

Unity3D is reaching the new heights in developing games and it has been ruling the world of game development. Unity3D has become the first choice for the independent developers. Game development studios even have highly admired utilization of Unity3D for its versatility, flexibility, and ease-to-access feature.

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